Pilot Peak Ghost Town

1880 Mining Locomotive

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1885 Print Shop

Not restored, just reassembled
The town started in 1872 because of the mining of gold, silver, and copper.  From 1898 to 1900, outlaws visited the town on their way to and from robberies in Nevada, Utah, and Wyoming.  Once the railroad was built in 1907, the town’s population grew to 68. Being located so close to the California trail, local businesses had support even though the population was low.  Then in 1918, local moonshiners started sending white lightening to Utah on the Western Pacific Trains, after Utah started prohibition two years earlier than the rest of the country.  After national prohibition ended in '33 and mining slowed down, the town went ghost a few years later.  Fortunately it left some real surprises behind.
We saved everything we found.

Yes, there was a telegraph office.
1909 Western Pacific Ice House

A one mile hike to a fantastic find.

 Pilot Peak Ghost Town combines the history of Proctor, Pilot, and Silver Zone in Nevada.

 It was also the location of Kit Carson’s campsite in October, 1845.

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On the other side of the California Trail,
Pilot Peak is 10,720 feet.

1890 Concentration Table for Mining

Little Wolf, a ghost Town resident,
 was born Feb. 22, 2011

Looking back in time, 130 years.

The first post office in the area, 1873.

The last three holer in Nevada!

1921 Copper Moonshine Still,
a rare double thumper.

A real Nevada Cactus Farm

Christmas at the ghost town!

One of several wagons reassembled
in our wagon shop

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